Covid-19 Update: Transfers to Nepal

During these extraordinary times, communication is crucial. We want to keep all of our community updated on any developments that may affect your transfers. We will share updates on specific currencies or product types here. As the situation is fast moving, please make sure to check if you see a note on the currency calculator that could be relevant to your transfer.

Transfers to Nepal (NPR)

Cash pick ups: As a result of the country-wide shutdown in Nepal, cash pick up transfers are unavailable until at least the 31st of March. If you need to make a transfer, we suggest you send to a bank account, where services are running as normal. We will update our advice as soon as we hear from our bank.

Bank deposits: We are now processing bank deposits via another system, so you may be asked to provide a branch code that you didn’t need to supply previously. We will let you know if we require any further information from you to make sure we can get your transfer settled without delay.

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