Flat Fee Money Transfers to the Philippines

With the help of new technology, money transfers to the Philippines have never been easier. Whether you want to send money home to family, repay friends or complete a business transaction, there are many ways to transfer money to the Philippines online.

Send money philippines

The Danger of Hidden Fees

The problem is you never really know how much you are going to be charged, as most banks and online processors work by charging a percentage fee depending on how much money you send. So what is the best way to transfer money without losing a large amount in the process?

Whether it is $50 or $5000 that you want to transfer to the Philippines, it isn’t enjoyable trying to work out how much it is going to cost you to actually send the money. And if transferring money is something that you do often, it is also very time consuming.

Online Transfer Services Bring Down the Cost

The best way to send money is to use online money transferring businesses that offer free transfers, or at least flat fees. OrbitRemit is a perfect example of a company that understands that your money is just that (yours!), and you shouldn’t be charged outrageous amounts for transferring that hard-earned cash back home.

Flat Fees on OrbitRemit Transfers to the Philippines

Instead of charging a percentage fee on the money you send, we charge a flat fee – sending money from New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom to the Philippines will cost NZ$6, AUD$8 or GBP£5 respectively. If you want to send a larger transfer, the transfer is fee-free above a certain threshold (refer to our OrbitRemit fees for more information on fee-free transfers). That’s it. No hidden costs, no nasty fees and the person on the other end is not charged a cent either. If transferring money is something that is part of your daily life, the amount that you are charged through banks or other online businesses can stack up. Using a site like OrbitRemit ensures that you aren’t fleeced in the process of helping your family back home pay the bills and keep the lights on.