Forex Money Transfer Solutions for Smart Investors

The year 2015 is almost upon us. Are you thinking of moving your money to finance a much-awaited business expansion overseas? Or perhaps wanting to perform regular overseas money transfers in the coming year? Let’s take a look at what’s involved and how to perform forex exchanges intelligently to ensure you don’t lose value when moving your money.

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Regular Money Transfers Abroad for Businesses

For your business that is expanding overseas, you inevitably have a need to perform periodic forex money transfers – for eventualities such as infusing more capital into your business, purchasing or rental of a physical location or offices, or even regular travel expenses to countries where your business is expanding or planning to move to.

All these and other related situations incur heavy foreign exchange costs if done through traditional means (banks) or if done without due diligence. In the current digital age, these situations call for a provider that offers online money transfer services that afford businesses dependability, security, and cost efficiency. (Not only is OrbitRemit easy to use, fast and secure, it also offers the first and tenth transaction, regardless of amount, for free. OrbitRemit’s benefits allow businesses to focus more on other obligations and expansion plans and less on money transfer costs.)

Investors and Traders Prefer Fast and Cheap Money Transfers

Investors and traders are a different breed compared to entrepreneurial business owners in several aspects; nevertheless, they share the same aspirations when looking for the ideal money transfer provider. Investors, and especially traders, are always on the lookout for the best solutions that achieve the cheapest and fastest way to transfer their funds overseas. Some traders follow and fulfill the popular dream of “travel and trade” (that is, travelling to around the world while making money through trading), and they inevitably come across foreign exchange price hurdles. They often don’t mind waiting for the right time and the best price to exchange foreign currencies either for speculative trading or for other means. But when it’s time to transfer money for use in real-world situations, quick transfer speed are important – choosing the right provider makes a big difference to when money arrives at the other end.

At OrbitRemit we charge our clients a flat fee regardless of the transaction amount. In other words, you won’t have to worry about increasing charges whenever you transact bigger amounts, and the beneficiary or receiving account will not be met with additional fees (some providers and most banks deduct what are called “receiving fees” or “intermediary fees”). Most of the time, OrbitRemit will have the money on the receiving end within one business day, unlike banks that charge hefty fees and take up to a week in sending your money. This set of features makes our service appealing to business people and investors who need to move large sums of money and want to avoid services like Paypal, who charge a percentage fee based on the transaction amount.

So, whether you are an executive who is trail-blazing to new business frontiers in the coming year, or a trader who is looking to move your profits without being gouged on fees, OrbitRemit may be exactly the solution you’re looking for.