Free Money Transfers: How to Send Money Online for Free

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Costly fees, increased exchange rates and hidden charges are some of the drawbacks of sending money online. If you are regularly transferring money either for personal reasons or you own a business where sending money online is an everyday task, the costs can stack up. There are many well-known ways of transferring money online, such as using banks and other services like PayPal, but they are not the fastest or the cheapest. So you may be wondering at this point – is there a way to send money online for free?

Send money online for free

It is now extremely easy to send money online and there are many simple ways to do so. All of them boast to be the easiest, cheapest and quickest however if you are sending large amounts of money often, charges in the form of percentage fees can cut into your cash in an alarming way. Let’s imagine you want to transfer NZ$100,000 to India through an online service. If this online service charges 3.4% (or more depending on the amount) + NZ$0.45 per transaction, you will end up paying the bank NZ$3400.45 in fees just to send your money.

It is clear that banks and some online services make most of their money by charging percentage fees on big transfers. The bigger the transfer, the more cash the service makes – even if the percentage itself is small, it all adds up when enough money is being sent. There are ways to avoid this however. The best idea is to research how much an online service or bank charges to transfer money online. Look for the ones that offer flat fees or even free fees on large money transfers and services that do not make money through percentage fees.

We now have two things that we are looking for in an online service: a service that does not make money through charging percentage fees and a service that charges a flat fee or no fees on large transfers.

OrbitRemit is an example of an online money transfer service that meets this criteria. Instead of making money from charging percentage fees, we make money from the exchange rate transaction on large transfers. It is easy to think that all exchange rates across different banks and services are similar, but the truth is that they are not. The exchange rates at OrbitRemit can easily be checked in real-time through our exchange rate calculator and we virtually always beat bank rates, while offering low flat fees (or even zero fees on some transactions).

At a bank your money is cut through the exchange rate, percentage fees and lastly transaction fees. With OrbitRemit, depending on how much you are sending and its destination, you might not even be charged a flat fee. Check the list at the end of this post for the threshold amounts for free transfers from New Zealand to various destinations.

Using OrbitRemit is easy, all you have to do is create an OrbitRemit account and all the tools are there for you to use and the remittance calculator makes it easy to work out how much everything is going to cost.

After that, all you need to do is create a payment instruction and state who you want to send money to and transfer the amount you want to send. Transfers with banks and other online services like Paypal can take up to a week – by comparison we aim to transfer your money in 24 hours and update you when your transfer’s status changes.

Not all money transfer services are created equal, and quite a number of them are out to earn an extortionate profit off your international transfers. Take advantage of our free money transfers to Europe while they last. Sending money to travelling friends or to family back home if you are the one travelling has truly never been easier, cheaper or faster – so sign up and give it a try!

We offer free international money transfers over a certain threshold to many of our target destinations. If you want to send money online free to India, the Philippines or elsewhere in the world, we may be just what you’re looking for. Check out the list below to see if your destination qualifies.

Money transfers over $10,00 are fee-free to:

United Kingdom
Hong King
Sri Lanka

Money transfers over $100,000 are fee-free to:

Czech Republic


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