How to Find Money Transfer Software & Apps You Can Trust

Are you curious about money transfer software, but still feeling hesitant due to security concerns? Just not sure which software will do what you need it to do, and do it well? In this post we’ll delve into the world of software designed for transferring money – both domestically and internationally. We’ll look at some free software options, and we’ll also look at how money transfers can be tied into finance software so that you can keep better track of your funds (this is extremely helpful when you’re trying to tighten up the budget and save!).

Money transfer applicaitons

Free Apps for Domestic Transfers

If your goal is simply to perform domestic bank-to-bank transfers, the solution is pretty simple if you have a smartphone. Most major banks these days provide downloadable apps which allow you to do most of your banking from the comfort of your phone, including switching money between your own personal accounts and sending transfers to other people’s bank accounts.

Be aware that there may be some limitations involved in these – for instance, sending from your account to an account with a different bank will typically mean the transfer takes longer (just like when transferring money to another bank via your Internet banking login). If all you’re looking for is a simple, free and easy solution mostly used for transferring to other accounts in the same bank domestically, check around and see what features each of your local banks offer through their apps and software.

International Money Transfer Apps

If you want to send money overseas, things become a little more complicated – you may find your local bank’s app is not sufficient for this kind of transaction, or the costs and delays of sending money overseas this way are simply not justifiable. In this case, you’re much better off using a specialised remittance service app. OrbitRemit will soon be launching an application which allows you to send money all over the world in just a few simple steps, and see it arrive at the other end within one business day of us receiving the funds.

Making the Most of Financial Software

If you’re interested in sending money, chances are you’re also interested in how to save more of it. By utilising the right financial software and linking it up to your banking transactions, you can get a much clearer picture of where your money is going – and where you can trim the fat to save more.

Again, the options here can differ quite a bit depending on your bank, as many banks have developed their own specialized software to help you track your finances, tied directly to their own system. However there are a few qualities that any good financial tracking app should have – the beauty of having such an app linked to your bank account is that it automates much of the process of money tracking. Ideally what you want is an app which is very good at recognizing spending types and automatically categorising them for you – for example, something that can differentiate between money spent of food, clothes and entertainment, without you having to go through the tedious task of tracking these things yourself.