How to Send Money Abroad Online – Without the Risks

Normally, to send money abroad, a risk is involved – after all, who knows if it will make it to the other side intact? These risks can easily be heavily reduced by sending your money through a secure, reputable provider. OrbitRemit offers a number of security measures and gives you plenty of transparent information on your transfer, so you know exactly where your money is at all times.

Send Money Abroad Safely

Sending Money Abroad – Keeping Your Eyes On It

We know that being able to track your money is an important part of giving you confidence in our service. This is why OrbitRemit offers the ability to “track your transaction” at all times through our website. Simply log on and click the “payments” tab to view the status of your transfer. The status will likely either be:

“Awaiting Payment” – we’re waiting on payment from you. Usually there is a delay here due to local banks taking a day or so to process things.

“Funds Received” – we’ve received the transfer from your local account and will transfer the funds to the recipient on the next business morning

“Funds Paid” – the funds have reached their destination

This way, you know exactly what stage of the process your funds are at any time you log in.

Customer Service, 24 Hours a Day

When things go wrong, which they sometimes do, it’s always important to have a robust customer service system to help you work through things. Many services, such as Paypal, choose to outsource or automate their customer support systems – making it difficult to get hold of a real human being who can help you, leading to communication frustration.

At OrbitRemit, we offer local customer support based in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. We’re also available 24 hours a day – so you won’t have to wait, regardless of your time zone. This makes it really easy to get in touch with us, so we can work through any little issues that may arise.

The Best Way to Send Money – Avoiding The Scams

Fraud is a common issue in the world of the Internet. Many large companies, such as Paypal and MoneyGram, are vulnerable to scams. Fraudulent emails requesting personal information, viruses and fake websites are common. All of these put you and your money at risk of theft and aim to steal your credit/debit card information.

OrbitRemit only deals with manually initiated bank transfers – we don’t store your credit/debit card information. This way, if someone somehow gained access to your OrbitRemit account (also very unlikely due to our security system), they wouldn’t have access to any of your money. We also use the highest level of data encryption when transferring funds, to make sure that no transactions get intercepted on the way.

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