How to Send Money to Australia

Imagine it’s already been two months since you started your working holiday and your first paycheck has just arrived. It wasn’t as big as you hoped, but there’s a little left over after paying rent and budgeting for some nights out with your mates. Instead of letting it burn a hole in your pocket, you’ve decided to send it back to your bank account in Oz. But wait – don’t know how to send money to Australia? No worries, we’re here to help you. Here are the top ways to perform a money transfer to Australia (before you spend it all).

Send money australia


These are the big boys. Almost everyone on the net knows them and many shops accept them as a form of payment. They’ve been around since 1998 and are pretty ubiquitous when it comes to online shopping. They are owned by eBay and trusted throughout the world. You’ve probably used them before to pay for some online shopping or send some money to a friend, but did you know they charge high fees when sending money abroad and their exchange rates are pretty low? To top it off, once you get your money transferred, it’ll still take a few days to get the money from your Australian PayPal account to your bank account. Long story short, Paypal is pretty reliable but expensive and takes a long time to transfer money – not ideal if you’re on a budget.

Western Union

PayPal has a rival and its name is Western Union. They’re one of the world’s oldest players in the money transfer market, having been around since the early days of wire transfers and managing to change with the times and emerge as one of the major forces in online money transfers today. While they’re a big name with a wide reach around the globe, high fees and vulnerability to fraud make Western Union a less than reliable solution for many expats looking to send money to Australia. Unfortunately for them when the words ‘Nigerian scam’ are mentioned these days, the words ‘Western Union’ are never far from mind. While still a solid option for sending money, there are more reliable, secure and more affordable solutions available in the digital age.


The options available above aren’t ideal for various reasons, but don’t worry. There is a new guy on the scene that is gobbling up its competition. Our low fees and high exchange rates are a cause for celebration. But it gets better… OrbitRemit transfers money directly to your bank account in Australia in a way that your bank won’t charge you any fees to receive the money. This is why we’re quickly becoming the preferred choice for a lot of Aussie expats around the world. You can check out our reviews to see what customers are saying about the service on our Trust Pilot Review site.

Now that you know more about the best ways to transfer money to Australia, it’s time to act. PayPal is the most famous and Xoom has been around a long time, but fame and age don’t mean much when the low exchange rates eat up your money quicker than your socialising budget. OrbitRemit is revolutionising how we send money with quicker service, lower fees, and better exchange rates. Why not give us a try and see why so many people love it? Try out the exchange rate calculator to see what your next transfer would look like done through OrbitRemit.