How to Send Money to Vietnam in 5 Simple Steps

Women with smile working in the rice field

There are many reasons people want to know how to send money to Vietnam – whether it be remitting cash back home to family, sending money to travelling friends, or completing a business transaction. As Vietnam is a developing country, until recently the infrastructure for cheaply and efficiently sending cash there simply didn’t exist – so you’d be forgiven for thinking that paying through the nose comes with the territory when you need to send a transfer.

In fact, some of the major banks and transfer companies still take advantage of the widely held belief that there’s no cheap way to send money to people in Vietnam. In reality however, the capacity for transferring funds to Vietnam has changed dramatically just in the last 10 years, with lower-fee solutions being readily available. Anyone can send cash in a matter of minutes without losing a huge percentage on transfer fees, and it takes hours or days to process rather than weeks like it used to.

We’ve managed to establish good connections in Vietnam that allow us to offer customers an extremely fast, efficient and cheap way to transfer money to Vietnam. Here’s how it works:

1. First you’ll need to create an OrbitRemit account. It only takes a minute – just hit the ‘Get Started’ button and follow the steps.

2. Once you’re all signed up, you’ll need to create a payment instruction and tell us who you want to send money to. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions on how to do this after you log in.

3. Next, simply transfer the amount you want to send to the designated local OrbitRemit bank account (Because this is a local account in your country there are no fees for this beyond what you’d normally pay for a domestic bank-to-bank transfer, which is generally nil).

4. As soon as the money is released into our local account, we’ll transfer it to the recipient in Vietnam the same day.

5. If at any time in this process you want to check where your money is, you can log in to the system again and it’s all laid out for you online.

That’s it. Doing things this way will not only get your cash to Vietnam faster than what you’d normally experience with a bank transfer, it will be a lot cheaper for you as well. As in, up to 80% cheaper in terms of fees.

Why is this better than bank transfers?

There are a few reasons this solution is superior to bank transfers.

-You pay a low flat fee, rather than a percentage of your transaction (8.00NZD from New Zealand, 8.00AUD from Australia and 5.00GBP from the UK).

-The system is extremely secure and you can always check exactly where your money is.

-Our support team are always available and easy to reach. Most of us have experienced those nightmare scenarios that are too common when trying to deal with transfer company support: you sent money a week ago, the recipient still hasn’t received it, and you can’t get someone on the phone to tell you where it is. Our system is specifically set up so that this scenario never happens for our customers.

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