How to Send NZ Child Support Payments Online

Sending child support payments to the IRD back in New Zealand is one of those things that you’ve got no real choice about. Even when you’ve shifted across the ditch you are still legally liable and, should you end up with back child support to pay there is an arrangement in place that enables the NZ government to request help from the Australians to get it from you.

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Reciprocal arrangements between NZ and Australia

There’s a reciprocal agreement between Australia and New Zealand, which allows the IRD to ask the Australian Government to garnish the wages of delinquent child support payers who are living in Australia. It can be confusing sending money internationally but, especially when it comes to the tax authorities and your commitments, it’s important to make sure you stay up to date with your obligations to avoid legal problems.

So what’s the most effective way to send child support payments internationally, without the cost of transferring cash making it significantly more expensive?

The expense of using traditional methods

Sending payments back to New Zealand can be an expensive proposition. If you plan to do an international transfer with your bank you can expect the fees to work out to about $50 all told (roughly half at each end). That can really add up when it’s a regular, fixed commitment.

The IRD recommends that payments be made by cheque, international money order, telegraphic transfer or credit card. None of these options are free, and some of them are actually extremely expensive and time consuming.

In fact, when it comes down to it, getting your child support payments back to New Zealand when you’re in Australia is extremely difficult to accomplish without paying some sort of a fee – or at least it used to be, until OrbitRemit launched our free service specifically targeted at fixing this problem. And this doesn’t just apply to child support payments. In fact, any tax obligations that you have to the IRD can be met without spending any extra money on fees and charges.

How to meet your commitments without racking up extra fees

All you’ve got to do is login to the OrbitRemit website and select the New Zealand IRD as the recipient you’re planning to pay. From there you just get the funds to us and we’ll get them directly to the IRD on your behalf. The funds are generally available to the IRD on the same day as you get cleared funds into our account. Payments by telegraphic transfer or bank draft can take a whole lot longer and also come with some pretty substantial fees that get levied, in spite of the inconvenience!

Here at OrbitRemit we’re all about making international transactions easy and cost effective for our clients. We offer the best exchange rates in the business with the lowest fees anywhere. Our service is accessible, cost effective and extremely fast. So the next time you’re wondering why it has to be so hard to get your child support commitments met from Australia, just head on over to and get it done quickly and for free.


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