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By Blair Pedersen

Send money to India faster with these tips

Everybody wants a fast transfer speed when they send money to India. To make your remittance faster there are a few things to do that will make a big difference. Before you transfer money to India, take a quick look at these tips to make sure you’re getting the best results.

Locking in your exchange rate

Foreign exchange rates change very quickly. The fastest way to lock-in an exchange rate is to have your account setup and ready to go first, it’s that simple. The final rate you lock in will also include the transfer fee, which is slightly different for Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The next few steps will walk you through the registration process.

Registration: make sure you’ve got all your documents

If you’re new to making online money transfers to India, it’s important to understand that every online money transfer company will have some sort of registration process followed by online verification. You’ll save lots of time, ultimately making the process much quicker if you have all the necessary information about yourself and your recipients ready before you start. By having the documents ready you’ll quickly finish the registration process, have all information to load a recipient and then whizz through the biometric verification. Have these documents ready:

  1. The name of the recipient’s bank in India
  2. The recipients bank account information; account number, address, email, and phone number.
  3. An official document that states your name and address, like a passport or driver’s license and in New Zealand customers need to provide a proof of address document

Now that you have this information, you’re ready to get verified.

Online verification

Any reputable online money transfer company must have a robust verification process. If you’re new to a money transfer service, upon registration, you’ll need to provide your personal information so that you can be verified. It’s due to Anti Money Laundering obligations which in lay-mans terms means that a company is checking that you’re a respectable citizen with good intentions.

The verification process is called ‘Biometric verification’ and is not offered by all companies. Biometric verification is usually a quick 2-step process if you have your documents ready. Biometric verification will require you to:

  • Present an official document that clearly shows your name and address
  • Take a clear photo of yourself

The part of the biometric verification process that can take the longest is the selfie.

Tips to take your identification photo (selfie)

On mobile:

When you take a photo for your international money transfer verification it’s as simple as taking a good selfie. Have you ever taken a good selfie before? If you’re a millennial, chances are you’ll already know how to operate a camera and have an inkling about lighting. If you’re unsure about taking a selfie, follow these basic rules:

  1. Make sure the light is facing you
  2. Watch the screen so that it captures your whole face
  3. Make sure the document is laid on a flat surface when taking the photo

With a laptop computer:

Laptop computers usually have a camera built into the top of the screen. When taking a photo it’s important that a light source is behind the camera and facing towards you, illuminating your face. Once you have mastered lighting with your laptop computer, the selfie process is the same as with a phone.

If you need another explanation of how to complete your biometric verification, follow this link.

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Making a standard bank deposit

Once you’ve registered with OrbitRemit, you will need to enter your recipient details ready for the bank transfer. Recipient details include bank account details and a short list of other personal information relevant to your recipient. You can be assured that you’ll only need to enter recipient details for your AUD to INR transfers once, if you are sending to the same person every time. These details are saved in the system and enable you to easily select your recipient next time you need to transfer money.

Unfortunately, OrbitRemit does not facilitate debit or credit card payments.

Load the payment before 11am; first thing in the morning

Most people transfer their money overseas at night. This is understandable as work is usually during the daytime, kids go to bed at 7pm and finances and personal admin happens after dinner. The problem with this is, if you send your money in the evening, you’re committing to 2 business days. You really want to know that your payment is going to faster than 2 business days.

The trick to making your payment to India arrive the next day is to set up your payment in the morning before 9am Australian time. 9am is when OrbitRemit will make the payment to their overseas bank account which means that your money will show up in your recipients account that very same day.


It’s easy to move your money overseas fast if you follow these basic rules. Ensure you have already signed up and have verified yourself with a photo and an official document. Make sure you’ve got your account setup before you go and lock in your exchange rate. Setup your payment in the morning so that you give it the best chance of arriving the next day. Send money to India fast, safe and securely with OrbitRemit.

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