Expat Diaries: Sri Lankan Expats Finding a Way

If you’ve ever attempted to send money back to Sri Lanka, you’ll know that the process can sometimes be overwhelming. We thought that we would share some of our customers success stories with the hope that you might be able to learn from these Sri Lankan expat’s experiences.
Sri Lanka


Roshan knew his father was a huge cricket fan. With the T20 World Cup 2016 approaching, Roshan decided to send his father some money to buy a ticket and have a day out at the game.
The only issue? Roshan was living in Australia, working as an accountant, while his father was in Sri Lanka (but was traveling to India to see family that very week).

Roshan came across OrbitRemit while searching online for a way to transfer money from Australia to Sri Lanka. After using OrbitRemit’s calculator, he discovered exactly how many AUD he needed to send to give his father the right amount of Rupees. Roshan decided to sign up and make the transfer. His father was then able to purchase the ticket. All up, the whole transaction only cost Roshan around $4AUD (Compared to around $20 for a direct bank transfer), and he got a competitive exchange rate. The money went to Roshan’s father in the most cost-effective way, leaving Roshan more money at the end of the month than if he had used a bank. Roshan no-longer sends regular money home to Sri Lanka through his bank – he uses OrbitRemit instead.

Claire and Geoff

Claire is a teacher in Australia who lives with her husband, Geoff – a painter. Their daughter, Hailee, headed off on an exchange to finish her Bachelor of Science in Geography. When it came time to pay her university expenses (she needed a new graphics calculator and textbooks for her course), Claire and Geoff could help her out using OrbitRemit’s cheap money transfers to Sri Lanka (they’re $8). This meant Hailee could get on with her studies without having to worry about how she was going to get the money to pay for essentials.
Claire and Geoff now transfer small amounts using OrbitRemit each week to support Hailee with her studies.


When Kaesee used our service to transfer her student loan repayments, she was worried that she didn’t have the correct address documents. Even though her payments were due the following day, our customer service team got her sorted. She was easily able to see that her payment had been made (on time too) and she didn’t have to worry about paying extra late fees on her student loan as a result. Kaesee now makes her monthly student loan repayments directly to New Zealand IRD through OrbitRemit.


After raising her children in Sri Lanka, Samadhi moved to Australia with her family as she wanted to be closer to her sister. Shortly thereafter, she returned to being a nurse. Samadhi’s grandson Ashan is a student in Sri-Lanka, who often has to work many late hours to pay his tuition fees. Samadhi decided to help her grandson out and sent him AUD $40 each week, so that he didn’t have to work as many hours, and could focus on his studies. Samadhi found that OrbitRemit’s competitive rates allowed for more money to reach Ashan, giving him further opportunities and freedom. She said that after she had set up scheduled payments for Ashan (up until his graduation date in 2017!), it was one less thing she had to worry about and felt happy that he was going to be able to focus on his studies.

These are just a small fraction of the feedback we’ve received from our OrbitRemit customers. Want to read more customer feedback? View more here.

Whether it be to your friends or family, if you are interested in sending money to Sri Lanka – try OrbitRemit! You can even use the calculator on the top right-hand side of the screen to check out our rates!

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