Moving to Australia? Avoid these money faux pas!

australian money faux pas

By Ceyda Erem, Money Writer at Mozo

We do things a little differently down under – from vegemite on toast to sweltering beach Christmases. And that goes for some of our money habits as well. For example, you may never have heard of the post-pay service Afterpay, but this modern layby is big news on Aussie shores.

But that’s not all. We also have a few unwritten money rules that are important in many situations, from standing in line to heading down to the pub on a Saturday night. So if you’ve just moved to the land down under and are ready to get into the true blue spirit, here are some Aussie money faux pas to avoid…

Commonly Used Money Transfer Terms

  • Posted by Joe Campbell on December 2, 2018 in Banking Global Money Transfer

commonly used money transfer terms

International money transfer, the process of transferring money overseas – has a language of its own. This article will help you decode the financial garble in order to make your global remittance easier

There are plenty of things to think about if you’re transferring money overseas. The most useful thing you can do is become familiar with the jargon you’re likely to hear, so here are the key international money transfer phrases and acronyms, decoded.

The Best Time to Send Money Overseas

  • Posted by Joe Campbell on November 20, 2018 in Global Money Transfer

the best time to send money overseas

When I was 19 and I was thinking about selling some shares to travel overseas, I called my father’s stockbroker and asked him, ‘So when’s the best time to sell my shares?’ He simply said: ‘When you need the money.’

I sold the shares and almost immediately afterwards the stock price almost doubled in price. I still regard this conversation to be some of the best personal financial advice I ever received. In 2000, the bubble burst and those shares went to zero as the company went bust.

Movember 2018. It’s a good cause

movember 2018 orbitremit international money transfer moteam Nov 2

We’re not your typical international money transfer company. At OrbitRemit, we believe sending money overseas should be stress-free, and we pride ourselves on keeping things simple to make your life easier

We also love to get behind a good cause. Movember 2018 is one that we think is worth the fuss because we believe wholeheartedly in creating conversations about men’s health.