Taking the Leap: How to Move Overseas (Without Going Broke)

So you’ve decided to take on a new adventure and move abroad. It sounds rather exciting, doesn’t it? That is until you’re faced with an intimidating list of things to do. Where do you start? What do you need to plan? Don’t panic because this post will guide you through how to move overseas in four easy steps.

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How to Move Overseas in Four Easy Steps

Step One: Learn the Details and Plan Ahead

A key ingredient to making well-informed decisions is to know as much information as you possibly can. Pay particular attention to the requirements for entry and exit, your new country’s culture and customs, and your new location’s cost of living. (Good tip – expect to spend 1.5 times more than your first estimate and plan accordingly). Also, don’t forget to take moving overseas shipping costs into account in your calculations- check out this comparison site for calculating your international shipping/removal costs.

Another resource worth checking out is Internations, which has discussion groups that provide helpful tips about the practicalities of living abroad. Then start formulating a plan. Make note of processing timelines for important paperwork such as visa and passport applications, to avoid paying the added fees for expedited requests. Begin planning your travel arrangements as well, this way you can take advantage of any discounts you can get through early booking.

Step Two: Formulate a Budget

Now that you’re furnished with details regarding your new destination, you can start budgeting for your move.

It’s recommended to set aside up to three months worth of living expenses if you don’t have friends or family you can bunk with as soon you move. In order to lessen your moving and travel cost, be patient and shop around until you find the cheapest rates on movers and other travel expenses.

Step Three: Sort and Pack

The most efficient way to tackle the most tedious portion of moving is to commit to bringing only what’s necessary. Sort out your belongings into piles: one for those you want to keep, and one for those you wish to discard. Have a garage sale for the anything you don’t absolutely need to take with you.

Not only will you solve the problem of disposal, but you’ll also end up making a little extra money for the move at the same time. When packing, remember to pack light. Most international airlines only allow two check-in baggage weighing up to 50 pounds each so take advantage of those allowances and pack light. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be amazed at how many of your possessions you never (or very rarely) use and can easily part with without any major impact on your life.

Step Four: Tying Up Loose Ends and Preparing for a New Chapter

The fourth and last step is tying up loose ends and preparing for your new life abroad.

Begin with your bank accounts and investments. If you plan to keep them active, consider consolidation in order to manage them more efficiently. It will also be a good idea to find out about the tax implications of keeping them open in your home country.

Next, do your best to negotiate the termination of any contracts you have (phone plans, for instance) so that you don’t incur expensive early termination fees. Last but not least, put a plan in place for when you need to send money home or receive cash from overseas – when you’re on a job hunt in a new country, a little extra cash from friends or family can go a long way towards making sure your move is a success and you get settled in to your new home.

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