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By Blair Pederson, OrbitRemit

The 3 best nursing homes to work for in Australia

The nursing home industry in Australia is growing at a rapid rate. This growth is set to explode in the coming years as an entire generation of Baby Boomers get ready to retire.

Statistics made available in 2015 say there are 3.6 million Australians over the age of 65. This figure is projected to increase to 8.9 million or one in four Australians by 2055!

Government spending on aged care is set to increase too, which will inevitably lead to a spike in demand for aged care workers. Though, there is already a good demand for qualified rest home nurses in Australia, who can command a tidy salary with the right company. However, there are many factors that determine whether a workplace is good, great or the best.

This article discusses the best nursing homes in Australia.

Bupa Aged Care

In their own words:

Bupa is part of a global family that re-invests its profits into areas that we believe will benefit our members, including businesses, health services, and the community. We are a healthcare leader with health cover at our core, but it’s our purpose that sets us apart. We want our members to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

  • Average hourly rate: $21.89
  • Annual salary: $43,780


Awesome place and staff (Greenacre family) – Everyone helped me during my internship period in their facilities, I learned a lot about manual handling, personal care, supporting individuals in need and reporting to managers. Pros – Awesome workplace; helping and friendly staff and managers. Cons – None!”

Workplace rating: 3.1 stars (51 votes)

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Opal Aged Care

In their own words:

Opal Aged Care (formerly Domain Principal Group) is one of the leading, privately owned aged care providers in Australia. With over 70 homes in four states providing specialist aged care services for a range of needs including dementia and respite care services.

  • Average hourly rate: $32.50
  • Annual salary: $65,000


Good pay, flexible working hours – I work casually as I am studying full time. Work isn’t as demanding. Management provides regular mandatory training to all employees and continuously provides further education to all staff. Occasionally when there are no shows, staff have increased workload since management is hesitant to call in staff from the agency. Some coworkers are hard to deal with but most are a pleasure. Shift jobs mean flexible hours, which are perfect for students working part-time. Pros – Flexible hours. Cons – Short-staffed shifts are the worst.”

Workplace rating: 3.4 stars (88 reviews)

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Southern Cross Care

In their own words:

Southern Cross Care was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 1968. Our focus has always been on helping people just like you to age healthily, maintain the independence you value, stay informed, and keep connected with family and friends.

  • Average hourly rate: $23.00
  • Annual salary: $47,840


“Safe and friendly workplace – love to work, good friendly environment. However not much shifts for casuals. Good salary and supportive nursing management. One nurse for 60 residents and walk all over the houses that make bit tired. Monitor residents behaviour and be proactive for hospital transfers. Managing aggressive behaviour of residents is hard part sometime, things wont go in expected way the end u get job satisfaction. Good to work there. Pros – paid meal break. Cons – not much shifts for casual.

Workplace rating: 3.9 stars (92 reviews)

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Transferring your nursing registration from another country like the Philippines can take up to 4-6 weeks. So be mindful of this when you are applying for Australian jobs.

You can read more about becoming a Registered Nurse in Australia here.

It’s a great time to enter the aged care industry in Australia. With many opportunities for local and migrant nurses, the big 3 aged care companies are all attractive prospects that are worth further investigation.

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