The Easiest Way to Transfer Money Online: A Technophobe-Friendly Guide

Online money transfers are the fastest and easiest way to send money to friends, family or business associates abroad. If you are not technically minded though they can be a minefield, and you’re bound to be concerned about security and fraud. We’ve written this guide to help people who are not so technically literate, learn about the easiest way to send money online and also to demonstrate that it is both safe and secure if you do it right.

Online Money Transfer

Six Steps to Easily Send Money Online

Step one: Choose a trusted online transfer service
This is the hardest part – how do you know who to trust to handle your money and make sure that it gets where it is going safely and quickly? There are a few things you can do to satisfy yourself that the remittance provider you are going to use can be trusted.

Step two: Thoroughly check money transfer service providers
Type the service’s name into Google or your favourite search engine followed by the word ‘review’ (for example ‘OrbitRemit review’). You will likely come up with plenty of information from other sources that rate their experience with the provider in question, and you’ll get a feel for how satisfied the company’s customers are with the service. For example you can see all our reviews from customers on the independent Trustpilot review site.

Step three: Read what they say on their website
If people seem to have had a good experience with the provider you’ve chosen, then go to their website. Read their FAQ or Support Pages. What you’re looking for here is information about their security and anti-fraud policy, as well as quick and simple explanations of how their service works. You need to make sure that you’re satisfied that they have their bases covered.

Step four: Investigate how they transfer funds
There is no right or wrong part of this step, but you need to make sure that they’re operating in a way that fits with your requirements. Some providers make cash available at the other end, others will deposit directly into a bank account (the second option being the easier and more secure of the two). Make sure that however they operate it fits what you need for your transaction to be successful.

Step five: Check their fees and the exchange rates they offer
Make sure that their fees are reasonable. OrbitRemit has published, flat rates for our transfers as an example. You also want to make sure that the company’s exchange rates are in line with the current market. Again, use Google to check this out. Fx Street is a good website to check the rates of different currency pairs.

Step six: Fund the transfer & provide the recipients details
Depending on the methods they use you may need to use a credit card, transfer to their bank account or use some other means such as an online payment system. With OrbitRemit it’s as simple as doing a deposit to our bank account. We do this because it’s the most secure way to process transfers online and a great way for us to protect against fraud.

That’s it, you’re done. Now you’ve just got to wait for the recipient to receive their funds at the other end. With OrbitRemit, this will be processed within one to two business days. Want easy and hassle-free international money transfers ? – Check our money transfer rates and fees here.