Your Guide to the Top Travel Agencies in India

Where and how people travel has changed drastically over recent years. Due to travel becoming a lot more economical, destinations further abroad are becoming increasingly attractive. One of these destinations is India, which has seen a surge in tourist numbers as of late. Not only has travel become more accessible, but also the travel industry itself has seen revolutionary changes.

The integration of technology has meant that people can just log on to a website and instantly book holidays and travel experiences. This means that competition has intensified greatly, which can make it hard to find the best travel agencies for travelling to India. Fortunately we have compiled a list of the top travel agencies in India to help you decide.

Travel Agencies India

Top Travel Agencies in India

Make My Trip

Make My Trip is one of the newer players in the travel industry. However, in a span of only 10 years, it has surpassed many travel agents to become one of the biggest in the world. Originally Make My Trip was started to allow quick and easy booking of flights, but they have now expanded into numerous other areas such as holiday packages, rental cars, and train tickets. A study in 2009 found that one out of every 12 domestic flights in India was booked using this company, so it is one of India’s most popular travel agencies. is another popular Indian travel company. It is based and headquartered in Gurgoan, and was founded in 2006. It is unique in the fact that it provides detailed information on both the availability and pricing of flights and hotels. Other services such as buses, rental cars, and train tickets can also be booked using this company. states that over 20,000 domestic flight bookings are made through them every day, so this is another popular travel agency.


Cleartrip offers an easy and simple travel booking service that mainly operates through an online website, so cost savings can be passed on to consumers. One of the main drawcards Cleartrip has is the design of their website. It is very uncluttered and concise, and is free from unnecessary advertising. This makes booking flights, hotels and other services hassle-free. Cleartrip also has a strong network of travel partners, so there is a concise range to choose from when booking.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook has had a presence in India since 1881, so it is very well established. Today Thomas Cook has offices in 78 cities in India, as well as an online website. Worldwide, Thomas Cook employs over 19,000 people and has hundreds of offices. Travellers can book with confidence knowing that they are using a company that has a good reputation and understanding of the desired travel destination.


SOTC was initially started as an independent venture and in 1996, was acquired by Kuoni Travels. Whilst SOTC is renowned as being a specialist in Indian outbound travel, they also cater to domestic travellers. A wide variety of tour packages are offered, so it is worth investigating if that is what you are after.

Cox and Kings

Cox and Kings hold the prestigious title of being the world’s oldest travel agent. Its history can be traced to 1758, when Richard Cox founded it. Even though the company has been operating for more than 250 years, it still has a strong position in the travel industry. For people looking to travel to India, many interesting and exciting tour packages are offered. These include wildlife packages, cruise packages, and romantic retreats. They also offer packages for groups, as well as individuals.

Ezeego 1

Ezeego1 is specifically tailored for the needs of people travelling to India. It is an online website that provides numerous features, including the ability to pick packages and customise them to your hearts content. You can book air tickets, train tickets, buses, hotels, cabs or even group trips using the services of Ezeego.

Top Travels

Top Travels was founded in 1985, and has built itself a good reputation in the Indian travel scene. Top Travels specialises in organising customs trips and tour services. They are not limited to flights and hotels, and can book things such as luxury trains and cruises. An added advantage is that they have specialised departments for each type of travel. For example, if you are planning a corporate trip, you will deal with the corporate department.

Travelocity India

Travelocity is international brand that serves the local needs of people through specialized programs. Recently, Travelocity has been rated as one of the best travel portals in the world. They do not focus particularly on one area of travel, instead they serve try to serve all types of travellers equally. Travelocity has a strong network of affiliates inside India, which ensures you will access to a wide range of attractions.


Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies. They operate localized websites for more than 20 countries, so chances are your country will have one. For people looking to travel to India, Expedia offers easy booking of flights and hotels, and offers combination tour packages. Expedia is almost unparalleled in the wide range of options it presents to travellers.

Travel from India
If you are unsure about what travel agency to go with, it doesn’t hurt to shop around. By getting prices from multiple travel agencies, you can ensure that you are getting the best price.

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