Thailand beach

OrbiRemit adds Thailand as a remittance destination

It’s no secret that we’re always looking venture into uncharted (at least by us) lands in search of ways to provide a more valuable service for our people.

Our next destination? Thailand!

That’s right; we’re ready to exchange directly into Thai Baht. This means you can send remittance to Thailand, where your loved ones are, with our low fees, favourable exchange rates and efficient international money transfer service.
Robbie Sampson, Orbitremit’s CEO, is very excited about our expansion into Thailand:

“We’d be surprised if we are not the most competitive in the market for this channel, as we are with our other channels.”

Why Thailand?

We’re sick of the banks having a dominance in the international remittance market. We think it’s important that people can transfer to Thailand at fair rates and with low fees. This means more money actually makes it to Thailand – which is perfect for new Fintech startups, manufacturing and consumer spending (which is already close to USD $200bn per year).

If you’re looking to send money to Thailand, make sure to check out our calculator on the top right-hand side of the screen!

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