AEGIS singers performing live in Wellington

By Blair Pedersen, OrbitRemit

AEGIS Live in Wellington – A review

On Saturday the 17th of August the team at OrbitRemit were privileged to attend AEGIS live in Wellington, at the Indian Cultural Centre in Kilbirnie.

The evening warmed up with 2 soloists singing songs in Tagalog and a local band to bring the crowd to a simmer before the main event.

Penned as one of The Philippines most influential bands with a quadruple platinum debut album and double platinum sophomore, AEGIS demonstrated their experience and command of the stage right from song one.

AEGIS belted out power anthem after power anthem, inspiring the 500+ strong audience to sing at times louder than the band. The electrifying chemistry between the sisters had the audience fixated on them, bringing many to tears while others sang at the top of their lungs. 3 part harmonies between the sisters, with the guitar player offering a 4th voice in the background were pitch perfect and blended like bbq sauce and chicken.

Juliet Sunot had the crowd in the palm of her hand the whole night. For parts of the show she rolled around on the stage hitting notes that Mariah Carey would be hard to hit standing, and other times showcasing an aloof personality akin to Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop; she oozed charisma and the quintessential energy of a seasoned rock n roll performer.

At the midpoint of the show AEGIS called up guest singers from the audience to perform “Sinta” as a prize for winning their facebook competition. The 3 new singers gave their all to these songs while the girls of AEGIS rested their vocals, preparing themselves to launch into a Meatloaf and Journey medley

Interestingly, the meaning of their band’s name is “shield” or “protection”, which is derived from Greek Mythology. “Aegis” was the shield that protected Zeus and Athena in the Iliad. Now I wouldn’t say that I felt protected at the concert however, the music was very powerful, akin to what you would expect from a relic of Zeus.

I give the show 10 out of 10. They had exceptional energy, incredible vocals, great on-stage chemistry and powerful songs. I would 100% go and see them again.

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