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All fees removed for WIRES Australia

Catastrophic fires, the worst drought in history and record high temperatures are taking a tragic toll on native wildlife in Australia. WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) are doing a great job in rescuing and caring for affected wildlife. To help the incredible team at WIRES, we are removing all fees for transfers to their account.


WIRES is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation. As the fires continue to burn, WIRES is rescuing and caring for as many sick, injured and orphaned native animals as possible. In December, WIRES 1300 line received over 20,000 calls and volunteers attended over 3,300 rescues. It is impossible to know how many animals have perished and it will be many months before the impact on wild populations can be better understood but ecologists at Sydney University have estimated over 800 million animals have been affected in NSW and over 1 billion animals in Australia since September.

We are removing all fees to WIRES

We think that WIRES is a worthy cause and know that every bit counts in such extreme scenarios.

How to transfer to WIRES

Should you wish to make a transfer to WIRES their account details are listed below. When you load them as a recipient the fee will automatically be removed:

Account name:WIRES
Account Number:10017540

For more information on WIRES and the work they are doing click here.

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