Movember 2018: Week 2 Update

We’re an International Money Transfer company that loves a good cause. This month, we’re getting behind Movember!

The second week of Movember is an exciting time of the month for mo-growing and the OrbitRemit Movember 2018 team is really starting to show a lot of talent. We’ve got a few donations in and there are some great looking moustaches in the office too. Since it’s mid-Movember, we think it’s a good time to reflect on previous Movembers and talk about a past success story.

An OrbitRemit staff profile: Mike

Mike, our Android developer is a talented individual. Not only is he a great coder, he can also grow a fantastic mo. We’ve asked him a few questions about Movember 2018, and what it’s like to grow a such a full moustache.

What do you do at OrbitRemit Mike? Tell us about your day-to-day:

“I’m the Android developer here at OrbitRemit. My work day is all about making sure our mobile apps are providing the best possible money transfer experience. We are always working to ensure that our service remains the best in the business so that means constantly improving the app with new technology and user-centric design. At the moment I’m working on giving the app’s code a total overhaul in order to make it faster and easier to use.”

Why are you doing Movember 2018? What is your motivation?

“Aside from being a great excuse to grow a moustache without my wife complaining too much, the Movember foundation focuses on three major health issues facing men, testicular and prostate cancer and mental health. I believe the funding they provide to research and health promotion organisations is a valuable way to improve men’s health.”

Have you done Movember before? If so, talk about the most spectacular moustache you’ve grown so far.

“I did Movember with the OrbitRemit team last year and I was pretty happy with my mo, in fact, I ended up keeping it for a few months afterward. I managed to put up with it until my wife’s graduation and so now it is immortalised in the photos.”

What’s the OrbitRemit Movember culture like?

“I personally feel that I am blessed with a fairly decent ability in the mo growing department but what I really admire about the other OrbitRemit Mo-growers is those who aren’t so gifted giving it their best. Having a patchy or sparse moustache but wearing it with pride for a whole month is a mark of great courage!”

What are your Movember goals? How are you going to achieve them?

“Last year I raised $104, I think this year I can smash that record. I’ll be sharing my Movember page with my LinkedIn and Facebook networks with a commitment to keep the Mo for an extra month for every $100 I get.”

Mike really is an inspirational mo-grower and one of 12 that we have here at OrbitRemit this Movember. You can show your support for the team by donating to our Movember page, or by giving the OrbitRemit Movember 2018 team a shout-out on our social media pages.

Make it count.

Movember 2018.

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