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We’re now offering cash pickups in Nepal!

This week we are excited to announce the addition of cash pickups to our Nepalese money transfer service. This service suits those that need to send money to a recipient that doesn’t have a bank account in Nepal. It’s as fast and secure as our other international money transfer services so you should expect recipients to receive their money as quickly as you would using a bank transfer.

Send money to Nepal

Our money transfer service to Nepal has been operating for 3 years now, facilitating tens of thousands of money transfers from New Zealand, the UK and Australia. These transfers have helped pay hospital bills, school fees, birthday presents, mortgage payments and many other essential services necessary in Nepal. The addition of a cash pickup service is a natural extension of our bank transfer service and we hope it adds value and is useful to you as a customer.

How much does it cost to send money online to Nepal?

Other remittance companies can charge a large transfer fee to send money online to Nepal. For example, Western Union charge $6 for a money transfer to Nepal. OrbitRemit offers a small flat fee of $4 in New Zealand and Australia, or £4 from the United Kingdom to facilitate an online money transfer to Nepal.

Signing up

In order to book your cash pickup in Nepal, you’ll need to login to your OrbitRemit account. If you already have an account, skip to the ‘how to setup a cash pickup in Nepal’ section later in this article.

If you haven’t already signed up to OrbitRemit, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Create an account

To register you will need to visit, enter your email address and choose a password.

Your email address must be unique and your password at least 8 characters long. We recommend using an array of letters, numbers and symbols for added security. Try using this secure password generator here.

When you first login you will be taken to the calculator. From here you will be asked to select how much you wish to send or how much you want your recipient to receive.

Navigating the Calculator

Entering send and receive amounts

Using the calculator, you tell us how much you want to transfer or how much you would like the recipient to receive. The calculator will update the corresponding value, so if you enter an amount you would like to send then we will update the value your recipient will receive. Whereas if you enter an amount you would like the recipient to receive, we will update the amount you will need to send.

Selecting Currencies

The calculator is also used to tell us what currency you would like to transfer and what currency your recipient will receive. To change the currency, select the drop-down menu and choose the relevant option. When you change either the send or receive currency a new exchange rate will be shown, and the amounts are updated to reflect the live exchange rate.

How much to send for a cash pickup – transfer limit

As with our other transfer services, the minimum transfer amount of $5 applies in New Zealand and Australia, and £5 if you’re in the United Kingdom. If you choose to setup a transfer to the many locations in Nepal, you can send a maximum of 100,000 NPR.

Online verification

Why do I need to verify my account?

To ensure we remain compliant with the local regulations in each country in which we operate, we need to verify information about our customers before allowing them to use our service. It is very important we know who our customers are and that we are doing our part in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. We treat each customer in the same way and being asked to verify your account is simply part of the process, just as you would need to provide certain documents or information were you to open a new bank account.

Specific requirements by send country

You can see more detailed information on what is required, based on where you are sending from, as below.

Nepal scenes

Australia to Nepal

If you want to make an AUD transfer we will need to verify your details as part of the transfer process. All customers wishing to send AUD will be required to complete Biometric Verification. You will be guided through the two-step process and just need to follow the prompts.  

Biometric Verification will require you to have access to either;

  • A computer with a working web cam (on our web app) or
  • A mobile phone with a working camera to complete the process on our Android or iOS apps.
  • Identification (ID) Document

You will need a valid ID document. You can use any passport and driver’s licenses and national identity cards for select countries. When you select the issuing country of your document you will see a list of which documents are acceptable.

Please note your identification document needs to be valid (not expired).

There is no need to complete verification prior to creating a transfer. The first time you create a transfer the verification requirements will be built into the transfer creation process.

New Zealand to Nepal

If you want to make a NZD transfer we will also need to verify your details as part of the transfer process. All customers wishing to send NZD will be required to complete Biometric Verification. You will be guided through the two-step process and just need to follow the prompts.  

Biometric verification: See the above requirements for the biometric verification process

Proof of Address

We will also require a valid proof of address document which should meet the requirements below:

  • Be a bank/credit card statement (issued by your bank) or utility bill 
  • Be less than six months old and show the date of issue
  • Be addressed to, or show the name of, the OrbitRemit account holder

There is no need to complete verification prior to creating a transfer. The first time you create a transfer the verification requirements will be built into the transfer creation process.

Transfers from the United Kingdom to Nepal

If you want to make a GBP transfer we will need to verify your details as part of the transfer process. All customers wishing to send GBP will be required to complete Biometric Verification. See above in the ‘Australia to Nepal’ section for details on how to setup a biometric verification.

Proof of Address

We will attempt to verify your address in the background, using the details you supply when completing your profile (this is not a credit check but simply a check against electronic databases through a trusted partner). If we are unable to verify your address automatically, we may also require a valid Proof of address document which should meet the requirements stated above in the New Zealand requirements.

Nepal scenes

How to set up a cash pickup in Nepal

Step 1: Get recipient information

In order to make a transfer to Nepal, you’ll need to get this information from them:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Mobile number

Step 2: Make a transfer

After you have entered the recipient’s details, you will then need to setup a transfer. Making a transfer:

Choosing your account type

You have the option to complete your profile as an individual or a business. This guide is for an individual creating a transfer. If you would like to make transfers as a business, please read our guide on creating a business account.

Complete the ‘about you’ section

The first section is basic information about you. Please enter your name, exactly as it appears in your identification document. This will help with verifying your transfer.

Add your residential address

Please enter the address of where you live, this must be a residential address and not a PO Box address.

Once you have completed all details, select ‘Save Profile’ to continue the transfer creation process. 

Who would you like to pay?

Click ‘A person who will collect funds’ and you will be lead to the ‘New Person’ screen, where you will be required to enter your recipient details.

Once you have successfully added your first recipient select ‘Confirm‘ to continue. You will then be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked to Review your Transfer.

Step 3: Pay for your transfer

Once you have completed the transfer details you will be given the details of how to pay. To ensure your transfer is processed without delay it is important that you pay as soon as possible. We suggest paying before 11am on a business day. All the details you need will be provided once you have finalised the transfer. 

Step 4: Cash collection – transaction status

Once we receive your payment, we will release your transfer for collection by your recipient. If you have provided a valid mobile number, we will contact your recipient to let them know that the cash is available to collect.

Your recipient will need to present valid photo identification to be able to collect the cash. The photo identification should be in the form of:

  • A government Issued ID document.

Important details to note:

  • Your beneficiary must provide the correct transfer reference number to be able to collect the cash e.g. ORB1234567. This reference is provided once you have created a transfer. 
  • NIC Asia Bank in Nepal will contact your recipient via the provided contact number. 
  • Please ensure the contact number provided for your recipient is valid, so we can contact them as above.

Partner locations

The cash pickup locations will be NIC Asia branches in Nepal. Expect a phone call from them when the money arrives, and they will let your beneficiary know what branch to pickup from.


Why you should use OrbiRemit for cash pickups in Nepal

Customer service

When you send money to Nepal you may have questions that need an immediate reply. Therefore, you want to choose an online money transfer company that has 24/7 customer support via live chat or phone and a comprehensive help centre. OrbitRemit’s friendly support staff are available to answer your questions at any time of the day.

Verification process

We, unfortunately, live in an age of identity theft and credit card fraud. These crimes are the scourge of our generation and everyone is vulnerable to them. A company that uses a strong verification process which involves a photo of yourself and a scan of an official document is minimizing any risk of fraudulent activity, making it much safer for them to handle a customer’s bank details. As detailed above, OrbitRemit uses a comprehensive verification process to ensure the safety of your money.

Trust score

Trust is everything. A recent survey discovered that 92% of people rely on online reviews before they purchase a product. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it could be a little bit dodgy giving your bank details to a company that has only a few reviews, or worse is negatively reviewed. The best way to learn about a company is to view it’s Trustpilot page. The customer reviews that are on Trustpilot will give you a great indication of what the key features are of the company and what to expect if there are any problems.

Click here to view the OrbitRemit Trustpilot page.


Please visit the OrbitRemit help center if you have any further questions you may have in regard to your cash pickup in Nepal.

Visit the help centre

A final note about cash pickups in Nepal

Now that you’ve made it all the way through this article, you’re ready to take the plunge and transfer money. Remember to choose a company that is trusted, has great customer service and gives you a reasonable rate with lightning fast transfer speeds. Follow this link to our sign-up page to begin the transfer process!

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